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How to restore a backup

Download backup to local desktop

Open Regery control panel and go to the Web Hosting page .
Click ActionsFiles Backups .
Download required backup to your local desktop.
If required backup is incremental that it is required to download main backup file and incremental one.

Upload backup to hosting

Backups are compressed TAR files. If you have necessary tooling you can inspect your backup archive right on your local desktop.
You can also upload backup directly to hosting and then extract files there.
For upload it is better to use some SFTP compatible client program like FileZilla.
In order to get SFTP connection details click ActionsSSH Users
you will see a list of SSH users
you can generate password for required SSH user
if you click Connection Details button then you can get hostname/port
In FileZilla make sure that connection endpoint includes SFTP protocol. Example: s
Once SFTP connection is established you can download backup files to any folder. In our example let's use some temp folder.
Using FileZilla create temp folder in your home directory. Home directory is opened by default by FileZilla.
Upload backup files to temp folder.

Extract backup on hosting

Once backup files are uploaded you can extract them using tar utility. This utility can be executed using SSH connection.
you can establish SSH connection using any SSH client on your desktop. For example, for Windows, Putty can be used.
you can use Terminal interface in Regery control panel. Click ActionsRemote Terminal
Once SSH connection is established you need to make temp folder active. Type and execute cd ~/temp
Check that your backup file is uploaded to current folder. Run ls -l command that will list all files in current directory. You should see your backup .tgz file.
Now you can extract your backup to any folder on the host
extract to current folder: tar -xvf backup_websharedstandard_xxxxxx.tgz . Once files are extracted you can run mc command that will run convenient two panel files explorer. Now you can copy required files from extracted archive to your active website folder. If you do not know website folder then you can look here ActionsWebsites && DomainsExpand required website → Path to files option.
extract particular folder from archive to current folder. tar --strip-components=3 -xvf backup_websharedstandard_xxxxxx.tgz ./vhosts/ - this example extracts only ./vhosts/, also it skips 3 directories during extraction ./vhosts/ so only www folder is extracted. If you use --strip-components=2, then folder will be extracted. If you use --strip-components=4, then the content of www folder will be extracted right to current folder.
extract files to some specific folder. In order to do so use -C parameter. tar -C ~/vhosts/ --strip-components=4 -xvf backup_websharedstandard_xxxxxx.tgz ./vhosts/ This command will extract ./vhosts/ from TAR archive to ./vhosts/ folder on your hosting.

Website folder is configured here ActionsWebsites && DomainsExpand required website → Path to files option.

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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